Agia Paraskeui of Chalkidiki



Great place where philosopher Aristotle was born, Alexander the Great has lived and King Skionis has reigned.

Great villages with many beaches, beautiful sunrises and friendly  people.


At the antiquity near the Baths was found the ancient Skionis kingdom which was built in the ancient years as soon as greek people returned from Troia. Later on Eyboieis people lived here. The region acquired particular importance at the duration of Pelloponisiakoy war roughly at 423 B.C. and it was reoccupied by Athenians after it was extracted by the Athenian alliance. During Stravona season Skionis region was considered as one of the bigger cities of Chalkidiki and today the ruins are recognized in the mountainous volume of Skionis a lot near the region of Baths of Ag. Paraskevi.

At the duration of interwar in the settlement of Baths of Prefecture Chalkidiki of Macedonia in Greece the source was discovered by a farmer. After the end of the war the rocks was blowned up with dynamite and sprang up the 39 Celcium temperatur water from the volcano where it was created. Initially it was named Saint Nikolaos and later Saint Paraskevi.

In the beginning it was a small corf house with two rooms and in 2000 the new ultramodern building had been built. Thus was developed a small Spa

  • The traditional village of Saint Paraskevi
  • The archaeological space Ancient Skionis 
  • The tourist and graphic village of Skionis with the harbour 
  • Ancient Mendi
  • The coastal church of Virgin Mary that Revealed at 16th century at the Leykioy of Skionis